Antipollution vessel ALNASUR UNO


It is an antipollution vessel for the cleaning of harbors and beaches. Make and model Ecoceane Cataglop CG-66, and it is considered one of the best units for the service of removal of floating solids and liquids, and it is able to perform such service up to a distance of 2 miles from the coast.
The ship is defined by its shipyard as a true "vacuum" of the sea surface. The removal is performed without causing any emulsion, by means of a turbine which generates a suction flow, which in turn is sent to a collection tank equipped with a solid waste retaining screen, channeling the polluted water to a separator where the discharge is stored by flotation, and it can be transferred by pumping either to a tank barge or to an unit on land.

Built in aluminum, it has clearance fit to be transported by road using a trailer, so it might reach any beach on the coast and be lowered in any grounding area that has a crane, in case of an urgent case requiring the service.

Under normal conditions, the vessel would carry out its regular cleanings in case of accumulation of cream or floating solid waste and liquid discharges such as oils or hydrocarbons, helping to keep the good general status of the bathing areas.
It has a control post with poop.


Length 5,90 m
Beam 2,20 m
Draft 0,98 m
Weight 1.400 kg
Payload 500 kg
50 hp outboard engine
Cleaned surface/hours of liquids 5,500 m²
Cleaned surface/hours of solids 10,000 m²
Liquid storage capacity 1000 liters
Maximum speed 8 knots
Working speed 1.8 knots
GPS probe Yes


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