Maritime Professional Training (Merchant Navy Training Ship)

In 2005 we added a new ship, belonging to our Oceanographic Association "Isla de Alboran", in order to be able to perform more demanding technical jobs, such as beaches beaconing, vibro coring and heavy transports. In these years the "Isla Alboran" has been converted into a multifunctional vessel.


Training ship

In 2012 and thanks to the Oceanographic Association, after verifying the scarce training offer of the Public Administrations to meet the demands of the Institutional Bodies controlling maritime activity, Alnasur start to work with private companies and public bodies to convert its vessel into a "Training Ship" adapting it to the requirements of the certification standards.

Our interest is to achieve agreements, also with the Moroccan authorities, for the sole purpose of being able to provide the various services pulled together by the Oceanographic Association, availing ourselves of the entire Alnasur fleet depending on the needs existing in harbors and beaches of North Africa, as well as to regulate and train the fishing and merchant sectors, besides being a source of greater safety and training for nautical sports, having a traveling ship that is able to include various training activities, both theoretical and practical within the training ship itself.

Alnasur S.L. has a certification as a floating classroom for conducting official marine practices for Merchant Navy qualifications, among others.


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